Cinema: Paradise Netrek recordings

Everyone can make recordings of their games for later review, by setting
	recordGame: on
	recordFile: full-path-to-file
	maxRecord: size-in-bytes
in their .netrekrc. Note: the recording ends once the maxRecord is reached, even though the game hasn't finished yet, so take care to set a sufficiently high value, but don't pollute your save space.

To replay a recording, first download the listed files below by right-click on them or activate the menu of your browser for the highlighted link.
Don't simply click a link to open files in your browser with the default handling, because the data-format and file-suffix are not defined everywhere, so your browser could/ would/ will interpret them as plain text rather than binary data, what they really are.
Specifically choose "download file" action!

Note: they are all packed with gnu-zip "gzip", you have to unpack them before you can replay them!

Once you have the files, you can simply start your Paradise client per:
paradise -F file

When replaying, you have these cmds to control the flow:

There is no rewind, so you have to restart and fast-foward.

Recent recordings

Since 14 Sep 2007 there are weekly Friday night special games, as announced with the list of active servers. Some players are kind enough to allow us some insight in their art of playing.
Beware: there are many newbies in those games, don't judge all Paratrekers or the Paradise game as a whole by their inexperience to provide high skills in their early stages. :-)
Part of their newbieness is that they don't use in-game messages but rather yell across the room where they play, but we don't have audio records of that to enrich the recordings ... yet!!! :-)

Get them from the directory.
Note: "netrek*" is from Linus (Salamander), the rest of the same date is from the other team of those games.

The Archive

These are some rare recordings that have been saved from past times in the cinema section of the Netrek homepage. After a horrible hdd crash luckily they've been recovered and offered here as backup service and documentation of a glorious Paradise Netrek past. .prec stands for paradise recording.

You can skip boring passages by instructing to keep playing until red or yellow alert occurs. When it reaches the selected alert, replay stops to let you choose a replay speed (or to skip to next alert choice).
Press "?" for a short summary of choices.

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