Currently known active servers

Some of these servers may be down temporarily, but in general they should be ready to host games.

EXTRA: Friday nights special!!!

Every Friday night at 8pm EST, 2am CET (or for the rest of the world: GMT/UTC -5 :-), Linus and his crew meet for weekly battles at their local server, which they have opened up for everyone outside, too, to join.

The server is up all the time, but at that time you can be 99.999% sure to find a FULL game to see all the fun in live action!

Server + Player lists

At the moment there is no better way to present you all Paradise servers for access. Ideally they would be listed on the general meta-servers as all other Netrek style server, but the server code isn't compatible yet.

To connect to a selected server, you can simply give it as parameter to the executable:

	pnetrek.exe -h SERVERNAME

However, with Paradise you can play with the other Netrek styles, too, so have a look at the meta-servers for other flavours of the game. For a list of registered servers check out the metaserver by executing the following telnet command:

		telnet 3521
or connect to the metaservers with your client directly: start it with -m parameter.

Note: with MS-Windows you must use the netrek.exe, not the Pnetrek.exe, to play non-Paradise games.

Paradise servers are marked with a "P" at the end of a line. If you miss them, re-read up above why.

You can see a list of current players for a given server when you enter this command:
		telnet server 2591

Thu Aug 9 21:09:09 MEST 2007