This document was originally on recumbent's port 3000. Some of this information has to be out of date, but a lot of it is still OK. Please send comments to the paradise-workers mailing-list, like corrections/addidions/deletions ...

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Paradise Clients

The latest client is 2.4.

Clients can be retrieved from in the directory /pub/paradise/bin as netrek.* .

Mailing Lists

There are quite a few mailing lists available. All are and are quite dead. RIP.
for discussing code changes.
for discussing general paradise topics.
for Paradise League Captains.
for announcements of major releases.

Send mail to paradise-request to get on|off a list (not to the list itself). !NOTE! paradise-request is not a listserver.


Planets are much more involved than in regular netrek. They have an extra facility added to the called the shipyard, which is where you can enter at and refit your ships. You can have multiple shipyards. There are also some astronomical bodies which are stars. Do not orbit or touch stars.


Planets may revolt if you leave less than 2 armies on them. At 2 armies the chances are about 50/50. You will first get a warning, and the armies will drop to 1 (they tried their best Praetor, but the malcontents are just too strong!) After 1, if no re-enforcements arrive, it will become independent, with 1 army (and it will grow armies).


Resources are limited by the surface of the planet. There are 3 surface types: M (Metal) which will allow Shipyard/Repair, D (Dylithium) which will allow Fuel, and A (Arable) which will alow Agri. The surface type also comes into play, when figuring army poppage, etc. (ie having an agri on a A D planet would be nice, but not as good as having one on a AM or A planet).

Resource Times (Growing), there are a bunch of other things which modify this, so I will just post the raw number so that people can have an idea of how long it takes for each surface type: FUEL = 100, AGRI = 350, REPAIR = 150, SHIPYARD = 400.


These Tables are the same tables in the server, which control the Chance of a planet popping armies, the maximum armies that type of planet can hold, and the army multiplier when it does pop.

Key to the planet tables:

a =
f =
Z =
repair or shipyard or both
Chance the Planet has of popping (chance out of 100):
                     Planet Resources                     Atmosphere
 ---    --Z    -f-    -fZ    a--    a-Z    af-    afZ

  2      3      2      2      5      7      4      8     Toxic    (TOXC)
  3      5      2      4      9      11     7      12    Tainted  (TNTD) 
  5      7      4      6      12     14     10     15    Thin     (THIN)
  8      12     7      10     20     24     18     23    Standard (STND)
Pop Multipliers (if the planet pops) the armies popping will be multiplied by this a negative number means negative growth (down to 4)
                     Planet Resources                     Atmosphere
 ---    --Z    -f-    -fZ    a--    a-Z    af-    afZ

 -.08    0     -.1    -.03    0      .5   -.05     .5    Toxic    (TOXC)
 .03    .05    .02    .04    .06    .07    .06    .07    Tainted  (TNTD) 
 .05    .07    .05    .06    .10    .11    .08    .10    Thin     (THIN)
 .09    .12    .08    .10    .17    .19    .15    .18    Standard (STND)
Maximum planet army capacity. Once this limit is reached, no more armies can pop on that planet. You can place more than this amount on a planet.
                     Planet Resources                     Atmosphere
 ---    --Z    -f-    -fZ    a--    a-Z    af-    afZ

  5      10     7      10     15     15     10     18    Toxic    (TOXC)
  9      14     11     14     20     20     14     22    Tainted  (TNTD) 
  12     18     15     18     25     25     19     27    Thin     (THIN)
  15     22     18     25     40     35     27     40    Standard (STND)
A new popping scheme was introduced with the 2.3 server. It is linear, not exponential and only makes use of the max army capacity table of the previous scheme.

Player Info

Player Stats

Stats are soon to be figured differently. Before it was:
          ratio = kills/losses
          battle = ratio + offense
          strategy = dooshes + planets + resources bombed + armies bombed
now it is:
          battle = (offense + dooshes) / 2;
          strategy = (planets + resources + armies) / 6;
          special = (jsrating + wbrating + sbrating) / 3;
          ratio = (battle + strategy + special) / 3;
Strategy is averaged by double its amount, because it has a tendency to become very high, very fast... (which may mean that the strategy requirement for ranks will go up).


         Rank        Geno's    DI     Battle   Strategy  Special

     Recruit           -       --      ----      ---       --- 
     Specialist        1       10      0.30      0.3       ---
     Cadet             2       25      0.40      0.6       ---
     Midshipman        3       45      0.50      0.9       ---
     Ensn. Jnr. Grd.   4       70      0.70      1.2       ---
     Ensign            5       100     0.90      1.5       ---
     Lt. Jnr. Grd.     6       140     1.10      2.0       ---
     Lieutenant        8       190     1.30      2.5       ---
     Lt. Cmdr.         10      250     1.50      3.0       0.5
     Commander         15      300     1.80      3.5       0.7
     High Cmdr.        18      350     2.00      4.0       1.0
     Captain           25      400     2.10      4.3       2.5
     Fleet Captain     50      500     2.15      4.8       3.0
     Commodore         75      700     2.20      5.3       3.3
     Admiral           100     900     2.25      5.7       3.6
     Rear Admiral      300     1200    2.30      6.0       3.8
     Moff              700     1700    2.35      6.1       4.0
     Grand Moff        1000    2500    3.40      6.2       4.2


Royalty doesn't mean anything, other than Emperor. The Emperor Royalty was created in the thought that all server admins (even if they aren't an admin at that site) would be an Emperor, so that the chances of having somebody who has a little control over the game would be in the game would be higher.

This is so that if mindless drivel decide to 'crash' the game, there is hopefully somebody around who can handle it. We *may* allow anybody to choose any royalty they desire, other than Emperor--to augument their player name (such as Dread Pirate Lynx). Royalties:

  • Wesley (an insult reserved for players who annoy Emperors)
  • Centurion
  • Praetor
  • Emperor
  • Ships

    These are out-of-date ship stats in a somewhat readable format. Sorry, we're pretty damn busy and would happily accept some help to update this.
    The first bit of text is some notes dealing with ships, and ship play. Following this are documents on playing different ship types.

    Cloak Cost:
    Due to warp, the cost for cloaking has been slightly altered. Now, it is a multiplier of the speed you are travelling. This means it is possible to go warp 1 in some ships, and regenerate, But at higher speeds, the cost becomes exorbitant.
    Explosion damage:
    is now calculated as a percantage of the fuel you carry, rather than a set number. Appx 75% of your fuel does the same amount of damage as an old explosion. (Old explosions are 75:SC; 100:DD,CA,BB,AS, 200:SB)
    Warp Initialize:
    the initialization time, in ticks, the seconds are guestimates warp initialize cost is roughly 1/5 the ships maxfuel
    the ships bomb rating.
      Combat Speed(s): 5 (4-7)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 8
      Max Impulse Speed: 12
      Warp Speed: 27
      Warp Initialize Time: 30 (4 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 3
      Max Afterburner Speed: 14
      Max damage/shields: 75/75
      Torpedo Speed: 16
      Torpedo damage/fuelcost: 25/175
      Phaser damage, close range: 50-75
      Phaser cost: 525
      bomb: 0
      Maximum fuel: 5000 
      Maximum armies: 2
      Maneuverability: Excellent
      Acceleration: Excellent 
      Deceleration: Excellent
      Tractor/presser strength: Poor
        Scanners:  Scouts have strong scanners and therefore get automatic updates
                   on any planet they are near.
      Combat Speed(s): 5 (4-6)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 6-7
      Max Impulse Speed: 10
      Warp Speed: 22
      Warp Initialize Time: 50 (6 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 3
      Max Afterburner Speed: 12
      Max damage/shields: 85/85
      Torpedo Speed: 14
      Torpedo damage/fuelcost: 30/210
      Phaser damage, close range: 60-85
      Phaser cost: 595
      bomb: 5
      Maximum fuel: 7000 
      Maximum armies: 5
      Maneuverability: Good
      Acceleration: Good 
      Deceleration: Excellent
      Tractor/presser strength: Fair
        The Destroyer is a good ship that does everything ok, but nothing
            spectacularly.  It is good for quick run and takes of planets.  
      Combat Speed(s): 4 (4-5)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 6 
      Max Impulse Speed: 9
      Warp Speed: 19
      Warp Initialize Time: 60 (7 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 2
      Max Afterburner Speed: 11
      Max damage/shields: 100/100
      Maximum fuel: 10000 
      bomb: 10
      Torpedo damage/fuelcost: 40/280 
      Plasma damage/fuelcost: 100/3000
      Phaser damage, close range: 90-100
      Phaser cost: 700 
      Maximum armies: 10
      Manuverabilty: Fair
      Acceleration: Fair
      Deceleration: Good
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Good
    THE LIGHT CRUISER (CL)                       --Alternate Paradise
    Combat Speed(s): 5 (4-5)
    Cruising Speed (without shields): 6-7
    Max Impulse Speed: 10
    Warp Speed: 24
    Warp Initialize Time: 45 (5.5 seconds)
    Warp Initialize Speed: 2
    Max Afterburner Speed: 12
    Max damage/shields: 90/95
    Torpedo Speed: 13
    Torpedo damage/fuelcost: 35/240
    Phaser damage, close range: 55-80
    Phaser cost: 600
    bomb: 6
    Maximum fuel: 9000
    Maximum armies: 4
    Maneuverability: Good
    Acceleration: Good
    Deceleration: Good
    Tractor/pressor strength: Fair
    (Important other stuff for notes:
         CL phaserfuse  8
         CL repair      85
         CL tractstr    2800
         CL tractrng    .9
         CL torpfuse    30)
    THE CARRIER (CV)                             --Alternate Paradise
    Combat Speed(s): 3-4
    Cruising Speed (without shields): 5
    Max Impulse Speed: 9
    Warp Speed: 20
    Warp Initialize Time: 75 (8.5 seconds)
    Warp Initialize Speed: 1
    Max Afterburner Speed: 11
    Max damage/shields: 150/120
    Fighter Torpedo Speed: 12
    Fighter torp damage/Fighter launch cost: 40/750
    Phaser damage, close range: 65-90
    Phaser cost: 450
    bomb: (20)
    Maximum fuel: 15000
    Maximum fighters: 24 (6 armies)
    Maneuverability: Very Poor
    Acceleration: Fair
    Deceleration: Fair
    Tractor/pressor strength: Good
    (stuff for notes:
          CV phaserfuse   6
          CV dronespeed   14  (fighters)
          CV dronefuse    250 ("      ")
            (effective fuse: 100 -- before they return))
      Combat Speed(s): 3 (3-5)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 5
      Max Impulse Speed: 8
      Warp Speed: 17
      Warp Initialize Time: 70 (8 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 2
      Max Afterburner Speed: 10
      Max damage/shields: 115/115 
      Maximum fuel: 12500 
      Torpedo damage/fuelcost: 40/290
      Plasma damage/fuelcost: 130/3900
      Phaser damage, close range: 80-105
      Phaser cost: 800
      bomb: 15
      Maximum armies: 6 
      Manuverabilty: Fair 
      Acceleration: Fair
      Deceleration: Fair
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Good
        The frigate stands between the Cruiser and BB (so much so
        that when I statted it out, I just averaged nearly all of 
        the scores together from the two ships).  It is *not* a Galaxy
        class ship, because people were confusing it with a Galaxy
        class ship, we changed its name to Frigate.
      Combat Speed(s): 3 (3-4)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 4
      Max Impulse Speed: 8
      Warp Speed: 16
      Warp Initialize Time: 70 (8 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 1
      Max Afterburner Speed: 10
      Max damage/shields: 130/130 
      Maximum fuel: 14000 
      Torpedo damage/fuelcost: 40/300*
      Plasma damage/fuelcost: 130/3900
      Phaser damage, close range: 80-105
      Phaser cost: 900*
      bomb: 20
      Maximum armies: 6 
      Manuverabilty: Poor 
      Acceleration: Poor
      Deceleration: Fair
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Excellent
      * These are slightly lower than in broncotrek
      Combat Speed(s): 4 (4-6)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 6
      Max Impulse Speed: 8
      Warp Speed: 18
      Warp Initialize Time: 80 (9-10 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 1
      Max Afterburner Speed: 10
      Internal damage/shields: 200/80
      Torpedo Speed: 16
      Maximum fuel: 6000
      Torpedo damage/fuel: 30/270
      Phaser damage: close range: 55-80
      Phaser cost: 560
      Bomb: 50 
      Maximum armies: 20 
      Manuverabilty: Poor/Fair
      Acceleration: Fair
      Deceleration: Good
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Poor/Fair
        The best and most deadly usage of a AS is in unison with a JumpShip
      Cruising Speed: 6-10
      Max Impulse Speed: 20
      Warp Speed: 45
      Warp Initialize Time: 7 (a minute seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 2
      Max Afterburner Speed: 60
      Internal damage/shields: 60/5
      Torpedo Speed: 18
      Maximum fuel: 50000
      Torpedo damage/fuel: 5/1000
      Phaser damage: close range: 15-25
      Phaser cost: 500
      Bomb: *cannot orbit* 
      Maximum armies: *cannot carry armies* 
      Manuverabilty: Good
      Acceleration: Excellent
      Deceleration: Excellent
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Excellent
      Docks: 4
      Defenders required: 3
      Planets required: 0
      Rebuild time: 12 minutes (this is a recent change)
      Maximum Number: 1
      Rank required: 1 (Specialist)
       *The JS is an engine, a DAMN big engine, with four docks on it.  The
        weaponry is thrown on, on the side.  Tearing somebody off a dock
        (this includes all bases) damages the ship carrying it, but is an
        often used tactic with the JS (quick AS depositing).
       *The JS can refuel.
      Combat Speed(s): 2 (2-3)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 3
      Max Impulse Speed: 3
      Warp Speed: 6
      Warp Initialize Time: 100 (12 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 2
      Max Afterburner Speed: 5
      Internal damage/shields: 250/500
      Torpedo Speed: 15
      Maximum fuel: 50000
      Torpedo damage/fuel: 45/450
      Phaser damage: close range: 135
      Phaser cost: 1150
      Bomb: 90
      Maximum armies: *cannot carry armies* 
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Excellent
      Docks: 2
      Defenders required: 3
      Planets required: 4
      Rebuild time: 15 minutes (this is a recent change)
      Maximum Number: 1
      Rank required: 1 (Specialist) (Later will move to 3, Midshipman)
       *The Warbase is a weapons/bombing platform.  It cannot carry armies, but
        can orbit planets, and is extremely deadly when bombing, having a chance
        of bombing to 1 army.
       *Phasers and Torps are both extremely potent near a Warbase, but they loose
        their effectiveness with range rather quickly.
       *the Warbase Can fuel and repair, but cannot refit planets.  It can orbit.
      Combat Speed(s): 2 (2-3)
      Cruising Speed (without shields): 3
      Max Impulse Speed: 3
      Warp Speed: 6
      Warp Initialize Time: 100 (12 seconds)
      Warp Initialize Speed: 2
      Max Afterburner Speed: 5
      Internal damage/shields: 500/600
      Torpedo Speed: 14
      Maximum fuel: 60000
      Torpedo damage/fuel: 30/300
      Phaser damage: close range: 120
      Phaser cost: 960
      Bomb: 50
      Maximum armies: 25
      Tractor/Pressor strength: Excellent
      Docks: 6
      Defenders required: 4
      Planets required: 7
      Rebuild time: 30 minutes (this is a recent change)
      Maximum Number: 1
      Rank required: 2 (Cadet) (later will move to 4, Ensign Jnr.)
    THE JUMPSHIP (working as a team)
    The Jumpship probably requires more teammwork to pull off correctly than any
    other ship in Netrek.  It can carry up to 4 passengers and can hit warp 45
    (impulse 20, afterburn 60)


    Moving while in the JS is a tricky situation. If the team is a scumm team (taking planets/carriers) the enemy will probably be out to get you. This means that you absolutely have to move fast. Most directions should be decided by the carrier. If the carrier doesn't give a direction before they dock, the JS should simply scream away, and change course at a later time.

    Now, to the carrier: Use simple short commands, the best thing to do is to give polar coordinates and then give more detailed directions later, such as:

    	R0->R3  n
    	Jumpship->R3  Twinkerbell (R0) has successfully docked on bay 2 Captain.
    at this point the JS pilot should simply scream to the north (only avoiding stars and ugly looking enemies). Note: the most frustrating thing is to tell a js captain to move, and have him sit there doing nothing. Warp initialize takes 7 ticks (less than a second). Therefore, the best thing to do is to first use afterburners to get away, then switch to warp at a later point. (n = north, s = south, e = east, w = west--don't use galaxy rotation, it throws this all off :) then, after you are away from danger the carrier can give better directions, say system first, then planet:
    	R0->R3  dec twi
    Which means the dec system, planet twi

    Other things that the carrier could say would be:

    	R0->R3  ++
    	R0->R3  --
    ++ means I can still drop armies
    -- means I need a new load

    Dropping/Picking up a Carrier

    if you are a JS pilot, and you are carrying an AS, the best thing to do is to drop them ON TOP of the planet. Don't tractor them off you as you take damage (it hoses the docking bay). What you should do is decelerate do warp 3, and come to a virtual stop on the planet, then all the AS has to do is to lock onto the planet and they have immediate orbit. You must move fast because you only have 50 damage, and if the planet has lots of armies you can die rather quickly.

    If there are enemies in the area, cloak, and stay near the carrier, if they are really near the planet, uncloak and try to lure them away (people have this habit of trying to kill the nearest JS, since they are so annoying).

    When a ship comes to dock on you slow to warp 2 (its easier). If the AS is near you tractor them to you, but TURN OFF your tractors before they are within a few millimeters of you (Same goes for the AS). The best thing to do is to be on the planet when they are ready to leave, so they can do the same thing you do on dropping them off (just lock onto you, and you fly by them--they don't have to move (AS's accelerate damn slow)).

    Also, while a carrier is dropping if there are enemies do your best to keep them from firing on the planet. Tractor them away, do whatever you can, but mess up their aim, etc (don't fire torps, its a waste of time/fuel/wtemp). If your real bored its alway's fun to tractor enemies into the stars :)


    There are several different ships which can be good with a JS, depending upon the situation.
    BEGINNING of the game:
    Have a AS/SC/heavy. The heavy ship is simply an opportunity escort/defender/bomber/ogger. CAs/FRs work good. This config is good for the beginning as the SC has to do nothing other than be on the JS (the pilot will be doing most of the command decisions in this situation.). All players on the JS should be checking planets as they fly over them to see if they are worth taking/bombing. If they are worth bombing(and they are an enemy planet) the AS will drop off and bomb with either the help of the heavy, or the defense of the heavy. The SC can usually scout near planets while they are busy (SC: don't go too far, the JS cannot wait for you to return).
    MID game, with good scouting by other teammates:
    AS (and possible heavy). The AS needs kills and armies (even if its 1 kill). This is the basic scumm setup, and all the basic rules apply, take planets strategically, leaving the enemies with bad planets which don't pop frequently and are hard to defend. (If somebody on the team is deciding which planets to take, listen, don't go off on your own).
    END game, LPS:
    well, I've the slightest idea for this situation, most JS captains I know won't dare get close enough. I would say have 1 AS(carrier) and 3 heavies. The 3 heavies act as decoy's, going off in different preset directions and clearing the planet (same with JS, at this point you can loose it) while the AS attempts to take.
    4 BB's. Best used against bases, everybody cloaks and screams in, the BB's need to constantly det, and hope that the SB captain doesn't get a good lock. The JS doesn't do mega explosion damage anymore, so you have two choices, if you are willing to sacrifice everybody, uncloak firing everything right onto of the SB, and try to get EVERYBODY to explode on the base. Otherwize use the JS as a ogg shuttle, and drop the 4 cloaked BB's off right next to the Base, and have them do a regular ogg.
    well, i know there is more, but this is all spur of the moment, hope it makes sense :)
    -Lynx (Brandon)
    ------- Emperor's Official Correspondence :
        ID:       Royal Databit 1153847
        Security: Top, Super, Kill-Your-Grandmother-If-She-Glances-At-It Secret
        From:     Emperor Odius XIIV, Ruler of The Galaxy (except for a
                    very small portion currently occupied by pretenders to
                    the royal title)
        To:       Praetor Triferro, Keeper of the Snakes
        Subject:  Last minute details before plan Z
        Stardate: 2592.paradise.2.0
    It has come to my attention that some of our troops are not up to the usual high standards of the empire's military. This is intolerable. We must wipe out those pesky pretenders to my title. I AM Emperor Kaiban, ruler of the galaxy, and I will not accept anyone else calling themself emperor in MY galaxy. If someone wishes to call themself emperor, well, then let them go find another galaxy. This one is mine.

    Today we launch plan Z to exert my authuority across the entire region of known space. The troops must be ready to exterminate the enemy. As a last minute detail, all empire troops should update their knowledge of miltitary science.

    I, therefore, decree that all troops must review the enclosed information to brush up on their knowledge. So let it be written, so let it be done.

    His Royal Majesty Odius ------- end: Emperor's Official Correspondence: Royal Databit 1153847

         Holographic Information System #532634265433.32463
         Begin: introduction
         Course: ID# 2450
    Hi! I am your instructor. As you might have surmised, I am not a real person. I am an artificial intelligence entity. What you are seeing is a holographic body. I will be your instructor in the arts of war.

    Hey!! What do you mean my body is green? Green is a perfectly fine color. The emperor has declared green to be one of his favorite colors. If you don't like it, I can introduce you to a re-education program I know. Anyway, I wanted to be blue, but the engineers did not have any blue holographic imagers on hand.

    Now, enough of this. I must teach you what you need to know, or the emperor might have me imprisoned in a digital kitchen appliance.

    On to the lesson.

    The Emperor's Galaxy

    The galaxy has nine known stars. There are shown on your space ship's screen with the pictures to the right...the RIGHT you eediot. That's your left. Wake up--(smack) (smack)--this is important. Ever since planet Hawiian Tropic had an unfortunate nuclear accident, the galaxy has suffered a star screen shortage. Running over a star can result in extreme sunburn to the captain and the crew. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to take one of the emperor's ships too close to a star.

    Each star has a cluster of planets around it. Almost all planets are in clusters excpet for a few errant ones, which the emperor plans to have demolished to make way for the new inter-galactic super-highway as soon as the other petty governments in the galaxy are dealt with.

    You know the emperor has decreed that all planets are equal, but some planets are more equal than others. You certainly would not want to spend your shore leave on Arrakis. You must be able to determine which planets to drop imperial troops on, so we'll start with planetary atmospheres.

    Every planet has an atmosphere and there are four types: toxic, tainted, thin, and standard. Toxic atmospheres might be fine for Rigellian leg worms, but YOU would not want to live there...and you certainly would not want to raise kids on a panet with a poison atmosphere. But, being in the employ of the emperor, sometimes you just will not have a choice.

    The best type of atmosphere for a planet is, of course, a standard one--signified as STND on the ship's sensors. The next best is a thin atmosphere, which, suprisingly enough is designated THIN on the sensors. Not really hospitable, but tolerable is a tainted atmosphere, TNTD. And of course every soldier's nightmare is being posted to a planet with a toxic atmosphere (TOXC).

    The type of atmosphere a planet has and the resources that have been built on it determine how fast the planet pops and how many armies the planet can hold. A planet with an agri and a shipyard built on it pops a lot faster and can support more armies than a planet with a tainted atmosphere and a repair station on it.

    Toxic atmospheres are particularily bad because they slowly kill off the armies posted to them until there are only three armies left, the ones who can fit inside the standard-sized military issue fortress.

    Planets with standard atmospheres are rare and prized by the emperor. If you discover one, take it to further the noble objectives of our beloved emperor.

    I know you learned this in your academy planetary geology classes; but let's review it, just in case you spent your time chasing after Denebian women instead of attending classes. (The low level of the troops the emperor, bless him, has been sending me lately just boggles the mind).

    Now we come to attributes of planets. Galactic geologist have currently identified three planetary attributes: dylthium crystal deposits, metal deposits, and arable land.

    First off, dylithium crystals--What? NO, FOOL! You most certainly cannot give a ring with a diythium crystal on it to your girl friend. (smack) (smack) (Kapow) What type of twisted sicko are you? Dilythium crystals are poisonous! Deposits of dilythium crystals on a planet have the side effect of creating a toxic atmosphere.

    The existence of dilithium crstals on a planet allows a fuel depot to be built there. I don't know if I have to remind you of this, but your trusty space ship needs dilythium to get from one point in space to another. No dilithium, no fuel depot. No fuel depot, you no go go.

    As any member of the Imperial Youth would know: dilythium deposits on a planet are indicated by a capital D in the surface attributes of a planet info window or planet list.

    Now, onto metal deposits. Metal deposits are easy to understand. Even you should be able to. Your ship is made of metal, therefore you need metal to build ships. You also need metal to repair ships. So a repair station or a shipyard can only be built on a planet with metal deposits, which are identified with a capital letter M on the info window and the planet list.

    The last known planetary attribute, as of yet, is arable land. Arable land is more than just soil, of course. It also takes into account the availability of water and whether edible plants grow there. To build an AGRI planet requires that the planet be arable. There are not many of planets in the galaxy with arable land, especially not many with both arable land and a standard atmosphere. If you find one, claim it in the name of the Emperor immediately...or sooner if possible.

    Imperial Construction

    It is the goal of the emperor to control the whole of the galaxy. There- fore you should try to take all planets in the galaxy. Planets with toxic atmosperes and no attributes are not particularily valuable, so you do not have to waste troops on them. We'll come back to take take them after we wipe out the pretenders to the royal throne.

    Once you take a planet, the imperial armies will begin to construct resources on the planet. This contruction takes some time, but the construct- ion goes faster the more armies that are on the planet. If an imperial starbase is orbiting the planet, construction is much, much faster.

    There are four types of resources that can be constructed on a planet: fuel depots, repair stations, agricultural facilities, and shipyards. As I mentioned earlier, fuel depots can only be built on a planet with dilythium deposits, repair stations and shipyards cn only be constructed on planets with metal deposits, and agricultural facilities can only be constructed on planets with arable land.

    Fuel depots are constructed the fastest; repair stations take a little longer. Once a repair station is constructed, the imperial engineers will begin to turn it into a shipyard. It takes the longest to construct agri- cultural facilities.

    Agricultural facilities are very valuable because they produce troops faster than non-agri planets. And the emperor can always use more cannon fodder--er, soldiers like yourself.

    Shipyards are where we build all of our starcraft. Since usually launch new ships from a shipyard, it is important to have shipyards on the front line. We need to be able to get new ships into combat as fast as possible. Shipyards are also used to repair ships at and to refit to shiny new ships. There have been some upgrades to the sensor display of new ships to indicate whether or not a planet has a shipyard on it. They are designated with a gear on your planetary display (picture to the right).

    Bombing the Hated Enemy

    As our troops strive to build resources on planets, so do the troops of the enemy strive to build resources on their own planets. When you get the chance you should bomb the enemies planets. If you bomb enough, you can destroy the enemy's resources. Even if you do not have time to completely destroy a facility, you can bomb the planet to set back the enemy's construct- ion process. Or bomb it a little at one time, then come back and finish the job later.

    Each ship type has a different capacity to bomb armies and men off enemy planets. To bomb off resources it is best to use an assault ship or a battle ship. Though all ships can bomb off resources; it just may take a lot longer. If you can get a warbase behind enemy lines, that will provide the ultimate in resource bombing.

    Planetary Revolution

    Sshhhh. Not so loud. He might hear you. Don't stare, fool! The one over near the corner. He looks like a revolutionary to me. Hide your empire troop badge. Jupitor, and Venus. Do I have to explain everything to you?

    Ships cost money. Now, we both know that all good citizens enjoy paying 80% taxes to the empire bureaucracy--which, of course, goes to purchase worthwhile things, like Clinton's hair dye. But there are always a few who stir up trouble. Look at this one to the left --> Notice his shifty eyes, whacked out long hair. He's obviously a rebel. Probably hiding out on a college campus, too.

    So, now that we have learned how to identify rebels, I will cover the official Imperial policy:

    It is official Imperial policy to leave at least three armies on a planet. Less than that and it is almost certain that the revolutionaries will rise up and try to overthrow our wonderful imperial government. The prefect of the planet will give warnings so you can bring in re- enforcements, but don't delay; planets are usually crawling with guerrillas. And don't flash your bureaucratic ID card around while on shore leave: It's just not safe.

    Withdrawing from a Planet

    (Also known as advancing to the rear, but never, under imperial decree, as retreating.)

    Sometimes, in the course of war, a planet may come under an onslaught of the enemy that is so fierce that the empire may have to temporarily abandon a planet or two. Under these circumstances, the imperial troops on a planet should be saved if possible. All the armies should be taken off a doomed planet and the resources should be bombed off to prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemy.

    Gathering Information on Planets

    The military needs the most up to date information possible about what the state of enemy planets. You can get information on a planet by orbiting it. Once you leave orbit you never get an update on the status of the planet until you or one of the empire's other ships orbit the planet again. The age of the information the empire curently has on a planet is indicated on the info window and planet list of your sensors.

    Piloting the Emperor's Spacecraft

    Your trusty spacecraft has three types of engine speeds: impulse, after- burners, and warp. You can use impulse by hitting the keys from 0-20. Impulse engines should be used for travelling short distances and maneauvering in combat. Afterburners are started with the ` key. THey quickly accellerate the ship, but guzzle fuel and heat the engines very fast. They are best used to dodge torps. The warp drive is started by hitting the - key. There is a one time fuel cost for engaging the warp engines. After they are engaged, your ship will slow down, and there will be a several second power buildup before you take off.

    Ship type Explanations:

    You should be familiar with most of these ships. The basic statistics for the Scout, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship, Assault Ship, and Starbase are the same.
    This ship is designed to carry people somewhere, fast. It can go warp 45, and carry 4 other ships. It has virtually no weapons, so it is best if you learn to work in coordination with another player, to fight in battles.
    This ship is also known as the Flagship, or Heavy Cruiser. It is simply a Cruiser which is stripped of its peacetime capabilities, and built for battle. It is not quite as strong as a Battleship, but it is stronger than a Cruiser.
    The Warbase is a planetary assault platform. It can go warp 6, and orbit/bomb planets. However, it cannot carry armies to take planets (because it has no space, with the bombing bay's and heavy armor). It has relatively small shields (for a base) but an extremely strong hull (to resist the planetary retaliation when its shields are down).

    Rising Through the Ranks

    When you first join the emperor's glorious miltitary, you are of course a recruit. By participating in wars you can rise in rank. There's the list of ranks and the requirements for a promotion on the next page, so hit the letter f.
                 gen    DI     batl   strat  spec       name  
                  0      0     0.00    0.0    0.0     Recruit   
                  1     10     0.30    0.3    0.0     Specialist   
                  2     25     0.40    0.6    0.0     Cadet   
                  3     45     0.50    0.9    0.0     Midshipman   
                  4     70     0.70    1.2    0.0     Ensn. Jnr. Grd.   
                  5    100     0.90    1.5    0.0     Ensign   
                  6    140     1.10    2.0    0.0     Lt. Jnr. Grd.   
                  7    190     1.30    2.5    0.0     Lieutenant   
                  8    250     1.50    3.0    0.5     Lt. Cmdr.   
                  9    300     1.80    3.5    0.7     Commander   
                  13   350     2.00    4.0    1.0     1st Officer   
                  18   400     2.10    4.3    2.5     Captain   
                  22   500     2.15    4.8    3.0     Commodore   
                  27   700     2.20    5.3    3.3     Fleet Captn.   
                  30   900     2.25    5.7    3.6     Branch Adml.   
                  35  1100     2.30    6.0    3.8     Rear Adml.   
                  40  1400     2.35    6.1    4.0     Moff   
                  50  1700     2.40    6.2    4.2     Grand Moff  
    The number of genocides you have participated in, win or lose.
    DI (Destruction Inflicted)
    A running, non-decreasing total of destruction inflicted. You get DI for many things, including destroying enemy ships, bombing armies, bombing resources, killing armies that are being carried by an enemy ship, and taking planets.
    Battle rating
    Your battle rating is a sum of two other ratings: ratio and offense. Your ratio is how many kills you have divided by losses. Your offense rating is a comparison of the rate you destroy enemy ships at compared with the rate of the average soldier. A battle rating of 2.0 means you are average.
    Strategy rating
    The strategy rating is made up of four other ratings: planet rating, doosh rating, army bombing rating, and resource bombing rating. Your planet rating is a comparison of the rate at which you take planets compared with the rate of other troops. The doosh rating is a rating of how many armies you kill while they are being transported. The army bombing rating is a rating based on the number of foreign troops you bomb off planets; and the resource bombing rating is a rating of how many resources you bomb off enemy planets. All these ratings have an average of 1.0. If your strategy rating is 4.0, then you are doing an average job.
    Special ship rating
    The special ship rating is made up of ratings of how you do piloting the three types of special ships: starbases, warbases, and jumpships. For starbases and warbases your rating is based on your ratio compared with that of other players. For the jumpships, your rating is based on the number of planets you help other team members take.
    You are promoted, when all your stats are above the minimum values that are included in the rankings chart.