.xtrekrc / .paradiserc Options

by Bill Dyess (Thought)
and Robert Forsman (Hammor)

(Editor: I need more input on the new options coming from the TT-line, urgently !)

This document almost certainly has errors. If you find any, please send email and we'll fix it for future readers.

The options in this document are read from a .xtrekrc or .paradiserc in the user's home directory, or the current directory. Using the -r switch, any file can be used.

The client doesn't actually parse the options when they are read in: it just stores the values for later use. Because of this, no error messages will be given if a bad setting is in your .paradiserc. The client will just ignore it.

The options are case insensitive. sHoWSHielDS is equivalent to showShields, as far as the client is concerned. The latter is obviously easier to read :).

Server aliases: any non-switch given on the client command line is taken as a server alias. The client will then, when searching for a default, look for 'default.alias' first and only check for 'default' if it can't find the alias. This allows server-specific settings.

There are three kinds of .paradiserc options:

integer values: 0, 1, 5, etc.
boolean values: 0, 1, on, off, yes, no
string values: twink, scum, WHATever

The options are listed in this format:

<name> <type> <default>

galacticFrequent bool on
Specify whether to use frequent galactic map updating or not. Turn this off if you have a slow machine.
defaultShip string CA
This is the ship that will be used by default when you click on a team square.
useRSA bool on
Turn on RSA for use with servers that require it. This can also be specified with a command line flag.
showShields bool on
Show shields around ships.
keepPeace bool on
Keeps your war settings when you die.
reportKills bool on
Turns on kill messages. This command is obsolete - see the .allow window resource.
showStars bool on
Show background stars. Always off when connected to a Bronco server.
showMySpeed bool on
Places a small number up and to the right of your ship telling your current speed.
showTractorPressor bool on
Makes your tractor/pressor beams visible.
showAllTractorPressor bool off
Makes everybody's tractor/pressor beams visible. Doesn't work on Bronco servers (the information is not sent).
showLock int 3
Shows lock symbol when locked on to a player based on the following table:
don't show lock icon
show icon on galactic map only
show icon on tactical map only
show icon on both map windows
drawGrid bool on
Specifies whether or not the galactic grid lines are to be drawn.
sortPlayers bool on
Sorts the players in the playerlist by teams.
newDashBoard bool on
Obsolete value. Turns on the new dashboard.
newDashBoard2 bool on
Obsolete value. Turns on the color dashboard.
Dashboard Int 0
Selects the dashboard to use from the following table:
old (text) dashboard
new dashboard
color dashboard
rainbow dashboard
cloakChars string ??
Replaces the '??' used to denote a cloaked player with the given string.
showPhaser int 0
This option is obsolete, see the .allow window resource. For the curious, the value comes from the following table:
don't show phaser messages
phaser messages in kill window
phaser messages in phaser window
phaser messages in phaser window only
phaser messages in total review only
logging bool on
Turns on message logging. By default, all messages will go to stdout (the terminal you ran the client from). If logfile is specified, then that file will be used.
logFile string (stdout)
Specifies a file to be used for logging purposes. ~ expansion is done, so ~/logfile is a valid filename, as is ~user/logfile. If the file exists, the text is appended. A nice header is printed, so the same logfile can be easily used to keep an ongoing record of all messages. It can get quite large though.
warnHull bool on
Turns on the hull warning pixels. The pixels form a circle of points around your ship. For each 12% of hull you lose, one pixel goes away. Additionally, as your hull damage increases, the color changes from green->yellow->red.
warpStreaks bool on
Turns on warp streaks. When on, when a ship goes into warp the background stars will streak into lines. The effect only lasts a second or two.
usemsgw bool on
Sends messages to the warning window. Doesn't effect the normal message system.
showShieldDam bool on
Makes your shields vary in color as shield damage varies.
udpUpdates int 5
The number of updates/second the client will (attempt) to display.
extraAlertBorder bool on
Turns on the tactical warning border. It changes color based on enemy proximity, green->yellow->red as the enemy gets closer.
udpDebug bool off
Turns on UDP debugging output.
udpClientSend int 1
Sets the method used for sending UDP packets. The number is taken from the following table:
TCP only
simple UDP
enforced UDP (state only)
enforced UDP (state & weapon)
enforced UDP keeps sending a packet until it is accepted. The drawback to using this is that a packet can be sent and received by the server several times. This means that instead of firing one torp you could fire three.
udpClientReceive int 1
Specifies the way that UDP is received. From the following table:
TCP only
simple UDP
fat UDP (lots of extra info sent)
double UDP (obsolete)
tryUDP bool on
If on, the client will attempt to start UDP automatically.
udpSequenceCheck bool on
Turns UDP sequence checking on and off. When off, your ship might jump *backwards*.
clearmap bool on
Tells the client to ignore the server-stored copy of the keymap.
font string 6x10
boldfont string -*-clean-bold-r-normal--10-100-75-75-c-60-*
italicfont string -*-clean-bold-r-normal--10-100-75-75-c-60-*
bigfont string -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--34-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Sets the normal, bold, italic, and big fonts respectively. Type 'xlsfonts' to get a listing of fonts on your system, or use 'xfontsel' to choose a font interactively.
name string guest
The default name to use when logging into a server.
password string
The password to use when logging into a server. If both name and password are defined, the login process is automatic. Both can also be specified on the command line.
keymap string aabbccddee...
Remaps the keyboard keys. The format is <key><function><key>... For example, to remap 't' to tractor ('T'), you would use:
		keymap:	tT
Multiple keymaps are accepted. The final keymap is the sum of all the individual keymaps.
ckeymap string
Basically the same as keymap except it adds the ability to remap control keys. A control key is represented by ^<key>, eg control k would be written as '^k'. Since '^' is a valid key, to use it in your keymap it needs to be written as '^^'. For example, if you wanted to remap 'q' to control-5 you would use:
		ckeymap: q^5
keymap.<ship> string
This keymap is added to any other keymap when you are flying in <ship>. <ship> should be written in two letter format (CA, FR, SC, etc).
ckeymap.<ship> string
Same as keymap.<ship> except it allows control characters.
buttonmap string 1t2p3k4t5p6k7t8p9katbpck
Remaps the mouse buttons to other functions. The numbers/letters correspond to the keys as follows:
left mouse button
To remap the shift-left mouse button to the macro key ('X'), you would use:
		buttonmap:	4X
cbuttonmap string
Same thing as buttonmap but you can map control characters.
buttonmap.<ship> string
This is to buttonmap as keymap.<ship> is to keymap.
cbuttonmap.<ship> string
Same as buttonmap.<ship> except control characters are allowed.
server string
Sets the default server to string. Eg, to change the default server to pippin.ee.usu.edu (silly, because it already is) use:
		server:	pippin.ee.usu.edu
flavor string
Sets the flavor. This setting is checked for very early on. When checking for any default, that default.flavor is checked for first. For example, if you have:
		useRSA.paradise:	on
		useRSA:			off
		flavor:			paradise
in your paradiserc, then useRSA would be enabled because it would be checked for first. This is really only useful with the server alias feature. All the paradise servers would have a:
		flavor.server:	paradise
line, and all the bronco servers would have a:
		flavor.server:	bronco
line, and the settings would be qualified .paradise or .bronco accordingly.
port int 2592
Sets the default port. Especially useful with the server alias feature.
shipBitmapPath string
shipBitmapPath.1 string
shipBitmapPath.2 string
shipBitmapPath.3 string
shipBitmapPath.4 string
Sets the path to search for bitmap albums in. The numbers correspond to the teams. If just 'shipBitmapPath' exists, then the client will use all the albums it can find in that directory. If a shipBitmapPath.1 exists, then that teams bitmaps will come from the given directory. I use this so I can have one set of bitmaps in each directory.
color.white string white
color.black string black
color.red string red
color.green string green
color.yellow string yellow
color.cyan string cyan
color.light grey string light grey
Sets the specified color to the color given. Look around on your system for a rgb.txt file. It should contain a list of colors for your particular system.
infoIcon bool off
Turns on the info icon feature. This changes the enterprise picture icon into an information display.
pigSelf bool off
metaserver string metaserver.ecst.csuchico.edu
Sets the metaserver to string.
continuousMouse bool off
Turns on the continuousMouse feature. When enabled, the mouse buttons will autorepeat.
clickDelay int 5
Sets the number of updates to wait before auto-repeating. Only works when using continuousMouse. The delay is not checked when holding the button down and moving the mouse - the effect is instantaneous.
timerType int 3
Changes the way the timer works. The timer is a hours:minutes:seconds clock located in the bottom-left corner of the dashboard. The number comes from the following table:
time of day
time on server
time in ship (default)
user set time (press '@' to reset to 00:00:00)
robsort bool off
Sorts the enemy team to the left in the sorted playerlist, vice placing them on the right. Rob prefers it this way. He's weird.
showDead bool on
Shows dead players on the playerlist.
sortOutfitting bool off
Sorts outfitting players to the bottom of the playerlist (when sorted).
showPreLogins bool off
Shows players on the player list as they are logging in.
hideNoKills bool off
Replaces 0.00 kills with empty space. Only works on Paradise and non-RSA bronco servers.
controlChars bool off
Obsolete. Used to change keymap: into ckeymap: as far as parsing was concerned. It doesn't do anything now.
warpStreaks bool off
Turns on warp streaks. Warp streaks is a visual effect when going into warp: the background stars streak into lines.
cloakChars string ??
Changes the string used to identify cloakers on the galactic. The length of the string can be anything you like.
showStats bool off
Turns on the stats window.
reportKills bool off
Makes kill messages show up in the total review window. Obsolete, see the allow window resource.
keepPeace bool off
Stay peaceful when reborn. Otherwise, your war settings keep resetting.
showGalactic int 4
Sets the planet bitmaps used for the galactic map. The numbers come from:
surface properties
scout info age (default)
MOO-style facilities
showGalacticSequence string 012345
Sets the sequence the 'B' key rotates through the galactic planet bitmaps. By default, it starts at 4 and then goes 5->0->1->2->3->back to 4. If instead you used 01, it would go from 4 (the default) to 0->1->0...
showLocal int 1
Sets the planet bitmaps used for the local (tactical) window. From the following list:
show ownership
show facilities
show nothing
show surface properties
MOO-style facilities
showLocalSequence string 01234
Works like showGalacticSequence.
autoQuit int 199
Sets the time (in seconds) until auto-quit when waiting at the outfit screen.
showLock int 3
Sets how the lock arrow is displayed:
don't show
galactic only
tactical only
packetLights bool off
Turns on packet lights in the dashboard. Yellow is recieve, green is send.
metaFork bool off
Enables forking for the metaserver window. If on, the metaserver window will not pop down when you click to choose. A client will be forked instead and the metaserver window will stay up. (experimental)
viewBox bool off
Enable the view box. When on, four dots appear on the galactic indicating the corners of your tactical screen.
playerList string ,nTRNKWLr O D d,nTR N K lrSd
Specifies a comma-separated list of player list window configurations. An empty string between commas (or at the end/beginning) uses the old paradise playerlist. It is completely configurable, with each column changeable. Here's the possible columns:
  Spc  Let   Name                 Header
  ---  ---   -------------------- -------------------
    3  'n'   Ship Number          " No"
    3  'T'   Ship Type            " Ty"
   11  'R'   Rank                 " Rank      "
   17  'N'   Name                 " Name            "
    6  'K'   Kills                " Kills"
   17  'l'   Login Name           " Login           "
    6  'O'   Offense              " Offse"
    6  'W'   Wins                 "  Wins"
    6  'D'   Defense              " Defse"
    6  'L'   Losses               "  Loss"
    6  'S'   Total Rating (stats) " Stats"
    6  'r'   Ratio                " Ratio"
    8  'd'   Damage Inflicted(DI) "      DI"
    6  'G'   Doosh Rating (oGGing)" Dshng"
    6  'g'   Dooshes              " Dshed"
    6  'F'   Resource Rating      " Resrc"
    6  'f'   Resources bombed     " Rsrcs"
    6  'Z'   SB Rating            " SBrat"
    6  'z'   WB Rating            " WBrat"
    6  'J'   JS Rating            " JSrat"
    6  'j'   JS Planets           " JSpls"
    6  'C'   SpeCial ships rating " Specl"
    6  'E'   Genocides (Endings)  " Genos"
    1  ' '   White Space          " "
    6  'B'   Bombing              " Bmbng"
    6  'b'   Armies Bombed        " Bmbed"
    6  'P'   Planets              " Plnts"
    6  'p'   Planets Taken        " Plnts"
   17  'M'   Display/Host Machine " Host Machine    "
    7  'H'   Hours Played         " Hours "
    6  'k'   Max Kills            " Max K"
    6  'V'   Kills per Hour       "   KPH"
    6  'v'   Deaths per Hour      "   DPH"
    9  'w'   War status           " War Stat"
  PLIST2  (not enabled)
    3  's'   Speed                " Sp"
The columns are defined with the 'playerlist' resource. (experimental)
keepInfo int 0
How many updates should the short information windows be kept up? 0 means forever.
Macros are defined in the macros.doc file. Hopefully you can get it where you got this file.

Window Resources

The client will look for resources associated with the name of each window it tries to open. All the resources are of the format:
windowname.resourcename:	value
The possible windowname's are:
main window
tactical window
galactic window
.xtrekrc help window
ALL message window
TEAM message window
KILL message window
personal message window
phaser message window
joined review window
other windows you can change, but why?: Possible resourcename's are:
geometry string varies
Sets the position and size of the window. Use the following format: <columns>x<rows>+<xoffset>+<yoffset> for example:
		netrek.geometry:	1000x830+0+1
mapped bool varies
Tells the client to map (or not to map) a particular window.
parent string varies, usually root
Specify which window it should be mapped inside of. This is usually 'root' or 'netrek'. 'root' gives the window a window-manager supplied border, while 'netrek' puts it inside the main window. For example:
		windowname.parent:	netrek
		windowname.parent:	root
allow string varies
allow only works for message windows. This resource allows you to set which windows a message is allowed to go to. The string is a list of one-letter abbreviations for each type of message allowed. These are the possible abbrevitations:
Individual (to you)
Here are the defaults:
		review.allow:              ATIKP            
		review_all.allow:          A
		review_team.allow:         T 
		review_your.allow:         I 
		review_kill.allow:         K
		review_phaser.allow:       P